A powerful multipurpose bot
that provides exceptional server functionality
with over 80 commands to play around with!


Below are features that Ward has and takes advantage of



Ward has an extensive moderation module to help secure your server from bad users



Ward utilizes a global economy and has a bunch of little games to mess around with



Ward uses many utility commands for you to use, by either giving you info about something, or helping with your math homework

How It Works?

Its Simple. Invite the bot then use w!help to display all the commands. If you forget the prefix, ping @Ward!

Here's some examples!

Look at all the cool commands


Ban members with ease, and make it look nice too!

Find some stats

It helps out for users who dont have developer mode enabled

Economy Economy Economy

Gain riches by using commands!


On our second bot, yes second bot, music is all we focused on. You can find commands and quality better than groovy AND rythm. Dont believe me? Invite him!

Say some cool things

Take advantage of our say command to make users feel like they are being watched

Customize the bot!

Change the prefix and have a cooler time

Our Team!

Meet Our Awesome Team. There were many others who
helped and gave their feedback