A powerful multipurpose bot that provides exceptional server functionality with over 80 commands to play around with!



Average ping is under 40ms. Lightning fast responses and amazing support!


Secure your server with top notch moderation. Customise the prefix and more using a single command!


There are tons of fun commands, including economy, to brighten up your server. Make use of fun games and more!





All Commands

You can also do w!help [command] to get more info about it.

Prefix is customizable, to check it, ping @Ward

w!addrole [userID] [roleID] - Gives a user a role

w!ban [@user] (reason) - Bans a specified user

w!clear [amount] - Clears a certain amount of messages

w!kick [@user] (reason) - Kicks a specified user

w!lock - Locks the channel you are in (from the @everyone role)

w!mute [@user] (time) - Mutes the mentioned user

w!nuke - Clones and deletes a channel

w!removerole [userID] [roleID] - Removes a user from a role

w!unmute [@user] - Unmutes the mentioned user

w!unlock - Unlocks the locked channel

w!warn [@user] - "Warns" a user

w!av (@user) - Sends the pfp of a user

w!calculator [equation] - Evaluates a math equation

w!embed [title] [#color] [description] - Creates a simple embed for you

w!findid [@user | #channel | @role] - Sends the ID of the mention

w!poll [text] - Creates a poll

w!randomnum - Sends a random number between 1-10

w!remind [time] [reminder] - Reminds you after a specified time

w!serverinfo - Gives you information about the server

w!stealemoji [emoji] - Yoinks an emoji from another server and adds it to yours

w!steam [game] - Gives you info about a steam game

w!translate [language] [translation] - Translates something

w!userinfo (@user) - Gives information about the user

w!youtube [search] - Search something up on YouTube

w!balance - Sends your balance

w!beg - Begs for money

w!daily - Gives you your daily coins

w!deposit [amount] - Deposit coins into your bank

w!flip [heads/tails] [amount] - Coinflip for money

w!give [@user] [amount] - Share your coins with a user!

w!slots - Use the slot machine for coins!

w!search - Searches a place for coins

w!work - Work for money

w!withdraw [amount] - Withdraw a certain amount of money from your bank

w!8ball - Gives an 8ball response

w!fat - Rate your fatness levels

w!fitnessgram - Sends the horrid transcript

w!guessnumber [number] - Guess the number the bot is thinking of!

w!meme - Sends a bangin meme

w!motto - Claptrap's motto to live by

w!ping - Pong!

w!rate [item] - Rate something!

w!rps [rock/paper/scissors] - Play rock paper scissors against the bot!

w!say [text] - Have the bot say something!

w!botinfo - Sends information about me!

w!donate - Gives you the patreon link

w!faq- Sends fequently asked questions

w!invite - Gives you the invite link

w!report [report] - Reports something to the devs

w!suggest [suggestion] - Suggest something to the devs

w!support - Gives you the support server link

w!updates - Sends some update logs

w!website - Gives you the website link, and some important pages

w!vote - Come vote for the bot

w!prefix [prefix] - Sets the server prefix

w!resetprefix - Deletes your custom prefix