Stick around to get to know the developers and our story!

About Us

We are a group of guys who wanted to make a bot to make servers have a more fun and engaging time.

Who we are

Well to start, we are a group of people who wanted a cool bot to help with our servers. Our first name for the bot was "IT Guy Chaad". This didnt last long at all. The main dev, man, wanted to make the bot more publically available, so thats what he did. Nobody had experience with coding and so they all started to learn how. It wasnt long until man got the hang of it all and started to make cool features and a bunch of commands. yeetermceater =) went to advertize the bot a bunch and before you know, it was officially verified. The whole team was happy that we got this far, but we wouldnt stop.

About the dev

man#0008 is the main/only developer of the bot. He didn't have any past experience with coding, but after a while, he learnt a few things here and there and now, this website and the bot are two fully functional services. Every aspect of code he taught himself, with the help of other people and just by looking and figuring out what everything did.

How Ward came to be

Ward was first a bot meant for a single server. Its first name was "IT Guy Chaad", then "ClapTrap". Yes from Borderlands. Ward was then focused on making it multipurpose and able to be in multiple servers. The whole idea behind Ward was to provide a wonderful experience for the users to have and to make sure that they are having a good time with him.