An advanced music bot that supports Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube with Shuffling, Volume Control, and much more!



Average ping is under 40ms. Lightning fast responses and amazing support!


Have a secured music session with no worries of cutouts or bot breakages. Current bot works after groovy fell!


Scratch is always online %99.99 of the time. That means you can listen without worrying of an outage.





All Commands

You can also do >help (command) to get more info about it.

Prefix is customizable, to check it, ping @Scratch

>bassboost [none | low | medium | high] - Enables bass boosting audio effect

>clear - Clears the server queue

>config - Edit the bot settings

>grab - Saves the current song to your Direct Messages

>loop - Loop the current song

>loopqueue - Loop the whole queue

>lyrics [song] - To get and search lyrics of a song

>nowplaying - See what song is currently playing

>pause - Pauses the music

>play [query] - Play your favorite songs

>queue - The server queue

>remove [number] - Remove a song from the queue

>resume - Resumes the music

>search [query] - Search a song/playlist

>seek [time s/m/h] - Seek to a position in the song

>shuffle - Shuffles the queue

>skip - Skip the current song

>skipto [number] - Skip to a song in the queue

>stop - Stop the music and leave the voice channel

>volume [volume] - Changes the Volume

>help (command) - Information about the bot

>invite - To invite me to your server

>ping - Sends the bot's ping